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Cardiff, UK

WCOC - World Congress on Oxidation Catalysis - Oxidation for a Sustainable Future and Clean Environment

Contributions will be organized into three parallel sessions covering the following topics:

A. Understanding Oxidation Catalysis
1. Mechanistic insights: experimental and theoretical approaches.
2. Catalyst structure and synergy between catalyst components.
3. Atom efficient oxidation.

B. Tailoring Catalysis to New Applications
1. Novel catalytic materials: design and evaluation.
2. Catalyst characterisation and analytical methods.
3. Chemical engineering for new processes and scale-up.

C. Catalytic Oxidation in Green Chemistry
1. Oxidation in the processing of bio-derived feedstocks.
2. Functionalisation using oxidation catalysis.
3. Environmental clean-up by catalysed oxidation.

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Cardiff Catalysis Institute 
4-8 Sep


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