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This online platform aims at fostering knowledge sharing and exchanges about sustainable refinery solutions for a greener future.

  • Browse chemical products and alternative technology market places
  • Walk the bridge from academic knowledge to industry application
  • Review regulatory frameworks and helpful tools to navigate them
  • Read about EU projects working on linked topics and objectives
  • Dig into events, groups and forums to meet colleagues and potential partners

A sustainable way of producing energy vectors

Access the different sections below to explore the various actors and value chains that make obtaining high-value chemicals a cleaner and safer process.

A selection of key actors providing verified information about relevant sectors, markets and their potential development

A browsable repository of chemical products and technology market places, focused on chemicals and sector innovation

Listing academic institutes and private sector players taking technologies from the lab to the industry

Verified mappings of chemical parks, refineries and refining sites, as well as biogas, biomethane and biorefineries

A digest of pertinent EU policies and legislation within the chemical, biochemical and clean energy sector

EU projects dealing with catalysis, zeolites and nanomaterials, as well as 3D printing applied to chemicals

A compilation of LinkedIN groups and forum where sector professionals meet to network and exchange ideas

Featuring useful open platforms and tools supporting the creation of consortium for EU projects.

Academic conferences, seminars, commercial fairs, workshops and any event that might be interesting to attend

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It’s a new dawn for the chemical and biochemical industry

On 14 October 2020, the European Commission published a new chemical strategy for sustainability. There are many reasons for a shift to cleaner chemicals:

Worldwide sales of chemicals produced in EU
Alerts on EU dangerous products involving chemicals-related risks
Small and medium enterprises working in chemical manufacturing
europeans worried about the health impact of chemicals in daily-use products
Europeans worried about the impact of chemicals on the environment

Networking and collaborating bring great benefit to all!

Browse the Groups and Forums to find out the interactive groups and platforms with the biggest amount of followers. Discover European and Global online discussions on the related topic and sectors that interest you the most.

There is a dedicated section where you can find the latest and biggest online platforms fostering for peer-to-peer interaction between buyers and sellers of chemical products. Navigate technology marketplaces to share your newly developed expertise or acquire new ones.

Find links to the most relevant policy and legislation within the dedicated section, as well as useful tools that major sector’s stakeholders compiled to assist in the task. This section will assist you in increasing the sustainability of your business.

Through the Find Partners section you can explore different services and platforms specialised in connecting EU university and research institutions, industry and manufacturing, SMEs and much more, for them to participate in EU tenders. Select the one that fits your needs and find the best partnerships to build a cleaner and more sustainable future.


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