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This section introduces resources that have initiated mapping relevant networks, pipelines and sites used to transport or refine gas, oil, biogas and biomethane.

Source Description
Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC) – Mapping European Biorefineries

BIC is a non-profit organisation rapresenting the private sector in a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) with the European Commission, also known as the Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU), recently renamed Circular Bio-Based Europe. To make European bio-based activities more visible, BIC developed a poster that maps the commercial biorefineries in Europe as of 2017. For the purpose of the mapping, a biorefinery has been defined as “an integrated production plant using biomass or biomass-derived feedstocks to produce a range of value added products and energy”. A total of 224 biorefineries were mapped, showing the diversity of biomass used as well as different types of biorefineries.

Biogas Map Gallery related to the United States, by the US Department of Agriculture

The US Department of Agriculture offers this interesting set of tools to monitor the Biogas Sector at National level.

Concawe – Environmental Science for European Refining / Refineries sites in EU

Concawe is a division of the European Petroleum Refiners Association, and operates in Belgium. Its members range from multi-national oil and gas Companies that operate in exploration and production, refining, and chemicals, to European regional and National Companies operating one or more refineries in the EU, UK, Norway or Switzerland. Concawe developed a comprehensive map showing the location of the mainstream and specialised refineries processing crude oil in Europe. The tool also indicates the evolution of the refining industry yearly, from 2009 to 2016.

EC Innovation and networks Executive Agency/Energy Project of Common Interest – Interactive Map

On 31 October 2019, the European Commission adopted the fourth list of Projects of Common Interest (PCI) for implementing cross-border energy infrastructure in the EU. The list contains 151 projects: 102 electricity transmission and storage, 6 smart grid deployment, 32 gas, 6 oil and 5 cross-border carbon dioxide networks. The PCI Transparency Platform provides up to date information on the geographic location for each of the projects, as per the latest PCI list published by the European Commission. These projects relate to the networks for electricity, gas, oil, cross-border carbon dioxide and smart grids.

ECSSP Chemical Parks in Europe – Pipeline Networks

ECSPP promotes new investments in Europe's integrated, innovative and competitive chemical industrial clusters and complexes. The Pipeline Infrastructure Networks document provides an overview of the pipeline networks and infrastructure within the oil, gas, petrochemical and chemical industries across Europe.

European Biogas Association – The European Biomethane Map 2021

The European Biogas Association (EBA) and Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) third edition of the ‘European Biomethane Map’ shows that Europe has 1,023 active production plants, of which almost 300 new units started operation in the past one and a half year. France, Italy, and Denmark are the countries with the largest increase on the number of biomethane plants. Sustainable biomethane can cover up to 30-40% of the EU gas consumption expected for 2050, with an estimated production of at least 1,000 TWh.

Petrochemicals Europe / Refineries and steam crackers in EU-28 (2019)

Petrochemicals Europe an industry sector of Cefic, the European Chemical Industry council. It represents about 70 member companies manufacturing ethylene and propylene from steam cracking and/or other olefins, and/or aromatics for chemical use, and/or major first stage petrochemical derivatives (excluding polymers). The map provided shows refineries and steam crackers and was last updated in 2019.

Refinery Maps

This interactive map shows oil refinery operations, as well renewable energy power (wind, solar and hydro) locations. The website is powered by Syndicated Maps, a self-funded organization based in Los Angeles.


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