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Market analysis and reports

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BIC – Bio-based Industries Consortium

BIC is the association that drives the Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) EU Public Private Partnership. Rallying over 240 industry members covering the entire bio-industry value chain and over 200 associate members from associations and academia, BIC aims at accelerating market up-take for bio-based products, stimulating the EU Circular Economy. Within its publications, BIC analyses bio-based potential of EU countries and data related to the sector’s status and potential.

Bioeconomy in figures 2008 - 2017Guidance for evaluating bio-basedBio-waste generation in the EU: Current capture levels and future potential
Bioenergy Europe (Europe)

Bioenergy Europe was founded in 1990 as AEBIOM, in Brussels. Today, it is an international organization that brings together over 40 European associations, 90 companies, as well as academia and research institutes, with the scope of developing a sustainable bioenergy market characterized by fair business conditions. Beyond working on lobbying and policy making, Bioenergy Europe offers sector certifications and its working groups discuss market trends and new technologies. The organisation produces statistical reports (free for members), position papers, factsheets and multimedia content.

Statistical Report Biogas 2020Statistical Report 2020: Bioenergy Landscape
CEFIC – The European Chemical Industry Council (Europe)

From its base in Brussels, since 1972 CEFIC interacts with EU institutions and sector stakeholders on behalf of its members. Advocating for the sector in policy matters, CEFIC is very active in producing position papers and reports that generate and aggregates relevant scientific, regulatory and technical knowledge. Sector quarterly reports and in-depth monographic information can be found by browsing the newsroom and following CEFIC’s social media channels.

Chemical Recycling: Greenhouse gas emission reduction potential of an emerging …Chemical Quarterly Report – December 2021 Relevant studies
EBA - European Biogas Association (Europe)

Based in Brussels since 2009, EBA works on policy making at EU level, representing over 100 members, among national biogas associations, the private and public sector, academia and individuals. Active on renewable energy, the circular economy and waste management, the gas industry (including transportation) and lobbying for a sustainable and efficient agricultural sector, EBA regularly publishes statistical reports, success stories and market state and trend analysis. Some reports are available for free download, others can be purchased.

EBA Statistical Report 2021 Market state and trends in renewable and low-carbon gases in EuropeRenewable Gas Success Stories 2020
ETIP Bioenergy - European Technology and Innovation Platform Bioenergy (Europe)

Born from the fusion of the European Biofuels Technology Platform (EBTP) and the European Industrial Initiative Bioenergy (EIBI), in 2016 the ETIP Bioenergy was created to “contribute to the development of cost-competitive, innovative world-class bioenergy and biofuels value chains” and to strengthen the European bioenergy sector. Industry-led, ETIP Bioenergy is recognised by the European Commission as a driver for knowledge-sharing and transferring research results into deployment. Its documents database features more than 400 resources including reports, presentations and journals about advanced biofuels and bioenergy, in topics such as feedstocks, conversion technologies, end use, sustainability, markets and policy. The database is kept up-to-date by the ETIP’s secretariat

EU biorefinery outlook to 2030 - Studies on support to research and innovation …Innovation Outlook: Renewable MethanolOverview of biofuels policies and markets across the EU-27 and the UK
Gas for Climate (Europe)

‘Gas for Climate: a path to 2050’ is a consortium of ten leading European gas transport companies (DESFA, Enagás, Energinet, Fluxys, Gasunie, GRTgaz, ONTRAS, Open Grid Europe, Snam, Swedegas, and Teréga) and two renewable gas industry associations (Consorzio Italiano Biogas and the European Biogas Association). Committed to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions in the EU by 2050, Gas for climate is engaged in building a EU hydrogen infrastructure for import and transport. It regularly publishes studies and analysis on the sector.

The future role of biomethaneMarket state and trends in renewable and low-carbon gases in Europe 2020 Gas Decarbonisation Pathways study2019 Gas for Climate study
ICCA – International Council of Chemical Associations

Representing chemical manufacturers and producers around the world, ICCA aims at unlocking solutions to society business challenges, in a safe and sustainable way, by collaborating with many global organisations, such as UNEP, UNITAR and the OECD. Among its resources, ICCA offers reports focused on sustainability, technical case studies and the economic impact of the chemical industry.

Life Cycle Assessment of circular systemsCatalyzing Growth and Addressing Our Worlds Sustainability Challenges ReportAvoiding Greenhouse Gas Emissions, 17 cases studies
IEA - International Energy Agency

Created within the OECD in 1974 to collectively respond to disruptions in the oil supply chain, the IEA elaborates authoritative analysis, data, policy recommendations, and works to provide real-world solutions towards achieving secure and sustainable energy for all. IEA’s researchers provide various forms of reports on fuels and technologies, also exploring renewable and alternative energy resources, offering an outlook of the whole supply chain, as well as data and statistics that can be browsed by topic, indicators and countries/regions.

Gas Market Report, Q1-2022The outlook for biogas and biomethane to 2040Technology Roadmap - Delivering Sustainable Bioenergy
World Biogas Association

A global trade association devoted to facilitating the adoption of biogas at global level, the World Biogas Association represents organization and industry working in the biogas sector, as well as university and research institutions. Among its publications, the World Biogas Association offer a wide range of national market reports, as well as global outlook forecasts analysis.

Biogas: Pathways to 2030Global Potential of BiogasGlobal food waste management: an implementation guide for cities


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