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  • This is an Open Forum for Engineers & Process Operations Professional interested in sharing experiences in Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning and Startup/Initial Operations of Process Units in relation to the Oil&Gas sector.

  • Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Equipment covers “What’s New” in equipment, products, systems, and services for upstream, midstream, and downstream oil operations: drilling, production, wellhead, IOR, EOR, refining, petrochemical or gas processing, pipeline, storage, and natural gas.

  • Discussions concern the latest news regarding the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical sector.

  • A professional networking, career, and support network where expertise can be exchanged and access to career opportunities obtained. It is a sub-group specifically aimed at professionals working within the South African Market as well as citizens of South Africa working abroad in the likes of Ghana, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and others. It is particularly targeting Process Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Welding Engineers (ASME, API), H & S engineers, Electrical Engineers, C & I Engineers, Reservoir Engineers, Drilling Professionals, Project Engineers (PMBOK, PMP), Project Managers, Directors and Consultants.

  • Professionals share news and ideas about developments within the industry. The group is open for anyone to join.

  • This Network aims at connecting Facilitators, Agents, Buyers and Sellers of Crude Oil and related petroleum products. This forum discusses the issues and problems faced by Buyers and Sellers of Crude Oil and related petroleum products.

  • This group rallies professionals working in or interested in the Petrochemical, Chemical and Plastic Industry in Latin America and the Caribbean. It is devoted to expanding personal networks, share knowledge and experiences, as well as identify business opportunities.

  • The topics discussed within this group cover projects and job opportunities across the Middle East, especially related to Oil & Gas: Exploration & Production; NGL; Offsites & Utilities; Processing & Separation; Refinery; Petrochemical; Chemicals; Olefins & Aromatics Power; District Cooling; IPP, Independent Power Provider; Power Generation; Power, Transmission & Distribution. It also discusses heavy industry, such as aluminum, cement, chemicals, mining & metals, and steel.

  • The group brings together professionals, experts, consultants, specialists and other skilled and experienced individuals whose qualifications, certifications, knowledge, exposure and working experience relate to the oil and gas, petrochemical, refinery sectors and/or connected fields, such as telecommunication, IT and finance.


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